Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I almost forgot. I met the mayor of the city. It was last week.

I was running an errand in Midtown that afternoon. I then walked over to a neighborhood grocer to pick up a few things. Outside again, there was a man with a hairline I'd seen before. Maybe online. He was walking to his vehicle in a dark gray suit, and I was walking home with grocery bags.

I passed the vehicle before I glimpsed his face once again.

"Mayor?" I said. It was part question, part request.

He looked up from the vehicle.

So it was him.

I turned around, extending my hand. We shook and exchanged greetings. It was brief and unexpected, but it made my day.

Doors from where I'd seen him is the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, which he and his wife own. Last month, I went to a R.O. Kwon's reading of "The Incendiaries" there.

Picture of Eric Papenfuse

Courtesy of PoliticsPA

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